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“Forward ” Leading The New Trend in The Paper Packaging Bag Industry

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Huizhou Forward Plastic Products Co., Ltd. won ISO9001 and EU CE certification, leading the new trend in the paper packaging bag industry


In 2022, Fangwei Plastic Factory welcomed double good news. On January 22, 2022 it officially announced that it had passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. At the same time, it successfully obtained the European CE certification on December 9, 2022. This series of honors has established Huizhou Forward Plastic Products Co., Ltd.'s leading position in the paper packaging bag industry.


The acquisition of ISO9001 quality management system certification marks that Huizhou Forward Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has reached an internationally recognized high level in product design, production, sales and service. This certification not only affirms the hard work of all employees of the company, but also means that we can provide customers with more reliable and high-quality paper packaging bag products.

At the same time, obtaining European CE certification also makes our products more competitive in the international market. CE certification is a "passport" to the European market, which means that the paper packaging bags produced by Huizhou Forward Plastic Products Co., Ltd. meet the strict requirements of European regulations, laying a solid foundation for further expanding market share.

We have been committed to improving the production process and technical level to ensure that customers receive the highest quality products. To this end, the factory has introduced a series of professional production equipment, including 10-color gravure printing machines, laminating machines, slitting machines and bag making machines, etc. The use of these equipment not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures excellent product quality.


The 10-color gravure printing machine enables Huizhou Forward Plastic Products Co., Ltd. to achieve more detailed and rich patterns and color expressions, thereby meeting customers' needs for personalized packaging. The introduction of laminators and slitting machines ensures the accuracy of multi-layered structures and specifications of products. The use of bag making machines further improves the production efficiency and consistency of packaging bags.


Huizhou Forward Plastic Products Co., Ltd. stated that the acquisition of ISO9001 and CE certification is the result of the company's unremitting efforts and pursuit of excellence, as well as its responsibility and commitment to customers. In the future, the factory will continue to be committed to R&D innovation and improving service levels to meet the growing needs of customers and contribute to the sustainable development of the paper packaging bag industry. We hope to establish relationships with our customers and create a better future together.

Huizhou Forward plastic products co.,ltd  is a professional manufacturer of research and development, production, sales.With more than 12,000 square meters factory area and more than 100 employees.
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